Seminar Bioinformatics

"Modelling and Analyzing Biological Networks"

Summer Term 2012

Lecturer: Tutors: Time:
  • The seminar will be held biweekly on Mondays, 21th of May 2012, 14:00 s.t. till 16:00, room 406, building E 2.1.

  • room 406, building E2.1
  • Modelling and Analyzing Biological Networks

  • Knowledge corresponding to the bachelor course, namely Bioinformatics 1+2, MFI 1-3
Condition for successful completion:
  • Studying the paper independently, successful presentation of a given topic, active and regular participation.

  • In this seminar we discuss interesting papers in the field of "Modelling and Analyzing Biological Networks".

Date of the first meeting:
  • Monday, 23 April 2012, 3:30 p.m., building E2.1, room 406
  • In the course of the first meeting each participant can select a topic from the list of possible papers and gets to meet his or her supervisor. If there are more participants than topics, topics are choosen by lot. All further issues will be dealt with in the first meeting.

  • The presentation should take 40 minutes followed by the discussion of approximately 15 minutes. The presentation and the discussion should be given in english.

  • Every participant should contact his or her supervisor at latest 2 weeks before the seminar to present a first version of his or her talk.

  • To get (that means before getting) the certificate every participant has to summarize his or her presentation and the discussion in a short report (approximately 1 DinA4 sheet), written in english, and to hand it over to his/her supervisor.

  • Since all presentations should be made available to all participants, you will also have to send your presentation files to your supervisor.

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