Seminar Bioinformatics

"Selected Topics in Molecular Docking"

Summer Term 2012

  • We will discuss selected papers that present effective and efficient novel approaches for the protein-protein-docking problem. Protein-Protein interactions play a central role in most physiological process, especially in signaling processes inside and between cells. Hence, new insights into the mechanisms that control protein interactions allow for deepening our understanding of the information flow inside and between cells. Especially, new insights into the pathogenic processes that are linked with diseases like cancer may help to open avenues for novel therapeutic approaches.

Organizers and Tutors: Time and Location:
  • The seminar will be held as a blocksemiar on the 12th of October 2012
First meeting:
  • Monday, 23th April 2012, 3:00 p.m., building E2.1, room 4.06

  • Bioinformatics I and II, MFI 1-3

Procedure and Requirements:
  • At the first meeting each participant can choose a topic from the list of selected papers and she/he will be assigned to a tutor/supervisor. If there are more participants than papers, papers will be assigned by drawing lots.
    Four weeks before his or her talk, every participant should contact his or her supervisor to present a first version of the talk.
    To pass the seminar, every participant has to present the content of her/his paper in suitable technical depth such that the speed and the mode of the presentation enable the other participants to conceive the central messages of the paper. The presentation should take at most 40 minutes followed by the discussion of approximately 15 minutes. The presentation and the discussion will be in English. In order to give a convincing presentation, every participant has to study her/his paper intensively and, if necessary, secondary literature that is required to understand the technical details of the paper. Finally, every participant has to write a summary of his/her presentation and the discussion in English (approximately 1 DinA4 sheet) and send it to his/her supervisor together with the presentation file. The presentation files (PPT or PDF) will be made available to all participants.
    Detailed information about how to prepare and give an impressive and convincing presentation can be found at the following links: